about me
Its been a big journey to where I am now....
I am living in a village in somerset, potting on a beautiful farm in Stratton on the Fosse and enjoying creating new tableware for you to enjoy!
I love making things that people use in their houses and become part of their family history. Things that you touch and use again and again, that are part of the theatre of life and bring beauty and colour to all the stories.

I first started potting when I was 20 in America and then had my own small business for a couple of years after I finished my fine art degree in York. I made bright terracotta for galleries and commissions and learnt so much about life and kindness especially in the little creative community at Caroline Tills home!

I then took a jump off a cliff and moved to Hong Kong where I spent six amazing years living and working with the salt of the earth men and women that I was honoured to call friends. We started a pottery workshop when I was there and did many other arty fun things!

Back in the UK I compleated a MA at Bath, where I made ceramic sculpture, which I love doing, throwing clay around and creating work about movement and dance.
I had a small workshop in Bath, enjoyed making work for exhibtitons and spent time enabling others to get creative and start their creative journey.

Now married with three wonderful step children I am building a small business in the local community and am passionate about seeing others have a go but also creating ranges of tableware for you to enjoy! I share the studio with a great ceramicist Maria Wojdat and we value working together and encouraging each other, especially in the cold weather! Please come and visit us on the farm, we have a small gallery where you can see some of our local made pottery!